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Friends from Italy

Summer of this year was luscious with weather. I do not remember such a hot summer in Baltics in my life. In July, to visit us came our friends from the sunny Italy. A sailing family from south Italy - Calabria. The plan was simple and understandable, traveling around the Baltic and participating in sailing regattas, if there are any by the way. Dates were adjusted when they planned travel. First regatta was planned nearby Engure in Roja - Roja Cup and the other a bit further in Pirita - next to Tallinn. Lovely family came fully composed - three boys Pierluigi, Giuseppe, Ferdinando and their parents.

A few days we spent in Engure together, by the way some sailing trainings were held with the Engure Yacht Club. Then we headed to Roja Cup regatta.

Sailing in Roja was great and Pierluigi stand on the pedestal. The sailing skills acquired in the Mediterranean were also useful in the Baltic Sea.

After Roja our Italian friends spent some nice time in Lithuania, visiting some kite surfer places. And then we all headed to Estonia regatta in Pirita.

Estonians were very friendly and as weather was great, we stayed in tent just near the yacht club house.

Sailors were ready for intense competition. During the days of the race, the conditions fluctuated from well-sailing to those in which the take-offs were canceled.

Karl Dubram, who was able to win and secure the first place in this Estonian Championship stage, was the best in the competition. Daniel Erik Markov, who climbed on the pedestal's youngest sailors' expedition, was also well-off. Our Italian friend, Pierluigi's pedestal, failed this time, due to early start on the first day. Also Ulla had to fight for the stay in golden fleet.

As the sailing traditions require, medalists should be given the opportunity to take a swim. Daniel almost lost the medal in the water.

Italian friends after the race traveled around Estonia visiting the islands of Estonia, so that the Baltic visit reached both tourism and sporting goals.

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