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Travel to Jelgava

(written by optimist sailor Karlis Dubra, 12 years)

This is a very nice time in May! That's why on May 27 Jelgava held a Jelgava Cup for sailing. Distance was relatively simple, i.e. Optimists has one loop, but Lasers - two. A boat designed for people with special needs also took part in regatta and once landed on the ground, which was later helped by joint efforts.

We are ready for the regatta

At the beginning of the race, the wind was very light. Later the wind became stronger. As regatta was held in the river, there is a stream. Time by time it slightly slowed down the journey. The last was a friendship race. In this start, I was mostly helped by the stream, because the wind was turning to the stream. There were more participants in the competition than last year, i.e. 11 Optimist and 9 Laser sailing boats. The first to start was the Optimist boat, but 5 minutes later Laser sailors started.

Regatta area on river Lielupe

There were three starts and one friendship start. Friendship start was not added to common points. Between the starts Engure sailors used the SUP to jump out into the deeper places in river. The day was superb and hot.

Sailors were awarded in Optimist and Laser Standart groups. After the award, our yacht club went home. This day was very well spent, and in my opinion, with my yacht club I would like to go to Jelgava. Hopefully, the time will be as good as this year, or even more fun.

Meet in Jelgava!

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