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All we see is sea

We are sailors and their supporters who want to promote sailing as a great lifestyle. Our dream is to fill the Latvian ports with bigger and smaller sails all summer months. Relax and enjoy the salty sea air, the stormy wind and the charming sun, even when it hides behind the clouds. 

What do you think when the wind blows out and the beautiful leaves in the trees flourish? We dream of the sea full of sails. Happy, sunny friend's faces. Having a good time with nice people.  


This dream to become true not only for us, we have decided to realize our thoughts and ideas in order to support young sailors in their challenges.


Our income is used for sailing clinics, regattas and sports equipment for young sailors. As well as introduction courses for beginners.

Daina Dubra

Chaos and diversity.


Elizabete Markova

Creativity and order. All in one person.



You have a cool idea? Then you are welcome to join the team


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